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Let your sun shine, let the fun shine . . . be your joyful self, let the joy within you out, let your inner child reign!

I realize that as adults, we are all inundated with adult dilemmas.  We are overcome by problems, situations, a world plagued by worries and doubts, troubles and tribulations.  Where does that leave us these days?  We are often unable to find our own sweet natural smiles.  How many days do we walk under a dark dreary cloud, not able to muster a smile, nor to enjoy our lives?  It’s tragic, our days are numbered, so therefore, we are wasting such a precious commodity each time we waste one moment in our woeful turmoil.  I surely dread the thought that my last day would be spent muddled in mires of trouble.  I hope that I have pushed that aside and made a commitment to enjoy my every day, even the ones which are complicated by various situations, which I would wish away.  There are going to be those days, but I don’t have to be effected by them.  I can choose to look past them, to have a good attitude and to put my brightest beacon of a smile on, facing the world with an attitude of conqueror . . .

If you have done that, wasted days in perpetual condemnation, then you need to decide right now, enough!  No more wasting your most precious commodity, time!  God knows your days, but you don’t.  Believe in this day, believe it may be your last, and then ask yourself, do you want to waste it angry, frustrated, bitter, worried, conflicted, tense, or upset in any way, shape or form?  Ask yourself, “Self, how do I wish to spend this, my most precious day, today, the only one I know I have for certain?”

Hopefully, when you accept the realization that each is not promised but rather a generous gift, then you will believe your only choice is to correct your attitude, make changes in your behaviors, knowing that you are responsible for the outcome of your day.  We will all know good and bad events in our days.  That is a given.  No one is immune from the negative events which can hurt, harm, and chisel away at our security.  But bad events are only negative truly if we never learn from them, never see any opportunity to grow through the lessons we learn in them, nor if we never experience life as a survivor but rather always as a victim.  Even through the worst events in my life, eventually, after the pain subsides, I can see that I learned from the experience, I grew and improved from the living of that time.  It is all in our view of what we live through.  Change your view, be as positive and filled with faith, hope and a sense of determination through all your troubles as possible.  It is not always easy, but it is what makes us gritty and preserves our self-integrity, helps establish our sense of self in a strong and consistent way, and helps us to realize our full potential by eliminating the limitations we often place on ourselves when in “victim” mentalities.

See yourself as your own superhero of mood, attitude, emotion and determined effort!  Don’t just wait to react to things with emotions which tear down your defenses, but rather establish your own undeniable strong fortressed walls of healthy esteem, firm attitude, and positive energy.  Believe in yourself, accept that your life is a reflection of how you can shape your own emotions around life’s events, and don’t let anything tear down your sense of well-being, positivity, nor your assurances that all will work out for good in life!  Expect good things, dream big and don’t settle for less in life because you assume you aren’t worth any more!  You are worth the very best!