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Life’s a series of lessons, learned as we live, not known beforehand.  They’re sometimes scoldings, sometimes they are trophies, awards, and accolades for “jobs well done”.  Mostly life lessons are an uncertainty, a way to evolve through the knowledge, discipline, experience, and time, which will all help to form the final form which makes up you.  Life is a way to become more than you started out being, and if you’re fortunate, you take your lessons and make the later versions of “you” new and improved! 

Do you ever tire of lessons?  I do.  Plain and simple, I long for the day when I don’t have to learn something which makes me feel a sting of shame, remorse, anguish, or self-abasing pity.  It’s not easy to be learning all the time!  Some days, we just want to be established, based, founded and ready . . . no more lessons, please!  Lessons can teach us, but after enough lessons, don’t we just feel fatigued?  It has happened to me.  I’ve been beaten down and done in by my lessons learned.  I sometimes eagerly crave the day when I don’t have to assume I have failed, faltered, or just missed the boat.  I want to be successful, don’t we all?  So learning lessons can weaken our exterior belief in our own strength.  It takes a special hard shell to know, a lesson learned doesn’t mean we are stupid, failures, or disappointments.  We all make mistakes.  So letting yourself be open to learning lessons, without being judgmental and self-abasing, is key to growth!

Lessons are like time-delayed gifts.  They will always give us a gift, but sometimes it is years after the fact before we can appreciate the lesson fully!  You might have the tendency to carry the guilt or shame like a weight around your neck for a long time before you find the benefit of that lesson!  The important thing to remember is, that no matter how much you need the lesson, there is a positive element to it!  You just need to convince your attitude of that!  It might require an adjustment, afterall, most people can get hooked into the negative way of thinking about lessons, as though evolving is a bad thing.  It isn’t, it just requires your guts and fortitude to make it through the hard times, until the sun shines on your wisdom, and a lesson leaves it mark!  Let yourself be open to learning about life through the lessons presented to you.  They happen for a reason, to make you a better human, by making your attitude more positive in the process!