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Fruits of the Spirit

Love, joy, faithfulness, self-control, gentleness, patience, kindness, peace & goodness are the fruits of our spirit given to us by God in  ample measure. He just wants us to take these fruits & develop a character of consistency in our ability to reflect these fruits in our daily lives.

A great message today by Joyce Meyer! Our “job” is to be the fullness of all these things in every aspect of our lives! This is our task in maturing, for we then become consistent reflections of the fruits of our spirit, which is then to become most like God! We learn how to tap into these fruits as we live our lives by trial, by test, by deciding we shall build each to full strength within us. Each one of us fully filled & mature in these spirits would reflect a world of Godly people who truly are living reflections of what all that means! Imagine that world!