There are bridges which are torn down & roadways which do get dismantled between our todays & our yesterdays. Maybe that is ok, as it keeps us from backtracking & trespassing where we surely didn’t belong in the first place. If the bridge or road had been the best choice for us, they would have led us exactly where we hoped to go! Don’t dread the deconstruction of some parts of your past, for that will truly save you from reliving & rehashing old mistakes & old wounds.

It’s the future which beckons in a present which is calling you to wake up & live in the here & now! What bridges & roads are before you & where might they take you today? All of those memories live within us for a good reason, we aren’t meant to focus on them in the real world! Move forward into your today, letting the bridges & roadways you have had to tear down signify only one thing to you – your future lies in a different direction! Go that way instead of looking back!! And never be afraid to tear down the vestiges of impassable ways in your own life . . they’ve been made quite overtly that way for a reason!