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We live in a time, courtesy of technology, social media and the internet, when our ideas, our beliefs, and our way of living is almost instantaneously subject to an indeterminate body of angry, hysterical and often violently inclined critics, aka the mob, who rather than just silently considering us, ignoring us, rejecting us and leaving us be, would have us vilified and even destroyed in the public arena for amusement’s sake as though we were a long-known and despised enemy. For our beliefs or our thoughts, we must be made an example so that others will not dare follow us down that dangerous pathway against the mob. It is unreal and vulgar, watching people randomly subject their fellow human beings and citizens to threats of physical harm, verbal abuse and vicious taunts calling for some intervention in their lives for the sheer purpose of destroying them in the court of public opinion, silencing their dissenting voice of opinion, or to keep them from living their lives based on some random set of subjective opinions the mob has deemed superior!  
Consider that this is a means of creating a nation of non-dissenting, homogenous thought – an effective way, by example, of silencing those who would think for themselves outside the boundaries of what is considered “acceptable” by the threatening and threatened mob. It’s punishment for belief, for practice, for pursuit, and for free thought which refuses to conform. It is an admittance by each member of the mob of insecurity and an inability to control others who aren’t like us. All this incessant bullying is really just totalitarianism disguised as virtue signaling, political correctness, and shaming non-conformists who refuse to toe the line. It’s really the exact opposite of God’s intent for us by design, in my opinion, which was specifically making none of us so similar that we would share the same thoughts, experiences, or whatever comes from our hearts by virtue of that uniqueness of our journey!