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Each day, what if I were to desire for my day more of what the Lord wants from me than even what I want for myself? What if I sublimate my own ego so conclusively that I am able to actually strive to please God more than I would even seek my own sources of pleasure? It’s a goal to live in such a disciplined and obedient way; but it is what we are called to do and be as followers! We are to live not self-centered lives, but God-centered lives. Can I do it? Am I so willing to give up and give away my own self-centered ways for the sake of accepting His will, His goals and His purpose for me? Are we that committed to the Lord that our own egos, our own flesh and our own will can take a back seat?  2001


That is what He asks of us, not so that we may appreciate how it feels to break apart or to have needs unmet; but rather so that we may live in unity with His perfect plan for our lives! We only see a very small part of the picture through our own lenses, the rest is often not even known. Often what we want and believe we need isn’t good for us or necessary for His plan for us. How do we learn to let go and let God have the reins? We set our hearts and minds on Him, trusting in Him, having faith in Him! We examine the evidence of our own lives as believers and examine the testimonies of those before us as well as those around us now; as well as studying His living, breathing, teaching Word for meaning and instruction as to how we’re to live our lives. We know what we know about God because we have chosen to believe Him and believe in Him! We grow in faith and also in our belief as witnesses!  



Let us not then hold back on transforming thoroughly our lives through Christ because we want something silly or ultimately meaningless for ourselves today or tomorrow! Let go and give God the reins for everything! If we wake up anew each day and pledge our lives, our behavior, our will and all that we are towards the primary goal of pleasing and serving God, how much better for it will we be? Today’s most important goal as a believer is the same as yesterday’s and tomorrow’s, a relationship with the Father which not only sustains us now; but gives us a future and eternity with Him! He doesn’t need us to do a thing for Him to faithfully love us; but our obedience to Him demonstrates our faithfulness and love for Him!   Signature02