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First day of Spring, always evokes within me a sense of what is going on all around me in this particular season. Life is bursting forth, newness and freshness prevail. There are nests and burrows dug, from which new life emerges. The flowers seem to light up with pride each new day for having brought such joy back to life. And the days are lengthening again, which is a means for nature to display itself in all its finery and showiness against the backdrop of the sun for even longer! 

580 I’ve considered long and hard which season of the four is my favorite, I can’t say as if I know for sure it is Spring. I do know that Spring holds so much joy during its daily parade of splendor, that I would surely say its my favorite while I’m in it! I’m enamored by the fluctuating weather, the promise of the warmth of Summer ahead; which then can be so distant on a cool, bleak and rainy morning. Everything seems to want to come to life again as the days grow longer, but it still seems a struggle and a process slow and steady! There are no guarantees with Summer lying in wait; but Spring surely knows its role as the interim force prevailing against whatever hold Winter still has on all of life. And so it persists in its daily show, bringing forth from the earth a variety of new creations and renewed life as well!  

195567_orig With Easter just ahead, I am fully aware of the enduring and faithful promise of rebirth, renewal and resurrection – which enhances my joy! For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son to die so that whomever believes in Him would not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16). After a time then comes the promise and the gift of life reborn, renewed and resurrected! In each Spring we see that promise of His great love affirmed through all of creation!   Signature02