sailboat-50It’s just the start of a new year & you should try to make it count, making it worthwhile, making it the best one yet by putting your emotions in check, by choosing to live instead not by them, but by your own powerful & affirmative ability to sail & venture into life. You should be assured that you will weather storms yet to be projected even! You, after all, are the captain of your own ship, where will you sail this year? Will you remain docked in the same place, because you dare not venture out beyond your comfort zone? Will you sail out only to the break for that is the furthest you dare go for fear of what lies ahead? Or will you, master & commander of your own ship, sail beyond all the places you have dared  to go before to face uncharted waters even?!


I think those who understand the risks, accepting the fact that they will encounter inclement weather & thus take on any hardship faced when going through storms, are the ones who truly strengthen not only their own wills, but build their own confidence & thus live with a sense of more contentment & joy! Our emotions are like the provisions we can load into our hulls for when we need them, but sometimes we rely too much on them! Sometimes we carry too many emotions too far & we cease moving forward, or even moving at all! We must learn to feel, to release & to again set our course.

This is your year! This is the year you can untie from the dock, sail out to the breaking point & hoist your sails to let the winds of life carry you further than you dare imagined! Will you choose to travel lightly & load only the provisions which enable you to do that? Or will you load yourself down to the point of not moving much if at all?! Choose to see your future days as those of a sleek sailing vessel moving effortlessly ahead through all life’s conditions . . believe you will be able to venture into life to explore more, to do more & to be more this year than ever before! You are the master & commander, the captain after all! Come . . it’s 2013, time to sail away!_Sign01