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Whimsy, the art of finding joy in doing the silly things you love to do!  I categorize whimsy as the random desire to frolic, twirl, doodle, lolligag, linger, twiddle, and even dally!

Whimsy is the non-deliberate pursuit of nothingness, of pleasing oneself by partaking of happy-go-lucky random silliness.  I recommend that each one of you partake of random acts of whimsy each and every day, as that is the only way to alleviate the burdens of this world’s big weights upon your shoulders.  Whimsy is to our spirits, as taking in a fresh breath of air is to our lungs!  We celebrate our days spent wandering through our own unscheduled whimsy.  What, you may ask, might a great whimsical day include?  Well, in best measure, a day of whimsy might include, but surely not be limited to, dancing through your house on your day off listening to your favorite songs from the past; or twirling about the slippery kitchen floor with your daughter; or making wishes upon the shooting stars rocketing across the ebony night sky.  Whimsy is letting your childlike joy and desire to play take over for the regimented adult need to be disciplined, structured, reserved and shackled in maturity.  Whimsy is letting the grown up in you find the child all over again!

What do you do if it’s not natural for you to be whimsical?  Well, I suggest you run right now to the nearest open portion of your house and allow yourself five minutes of unadulterated twirling, or air-guitar playing while singing along to your favorite oldie-but-goody songs.  Just play!  If you need instruction, you might need more than my help, but try.  Bridge the part of you that is hesitant to let their inner child out.   Remember, life is a very precious and all-too-short journey, live it fully with passion and don’t allow yourself to be anything less that the star in your own life, be whimsical and love your life today!  Live it like there’s a party going on!!