You know, no other organ retains a sense of your emotion like your heart!  It is not just functional, providing the life-giving beats which drive the oxygenated blood through your body, in rhythmic fashion to keep you alive.  It does this without even one action on your part, it is part of a “subliminal” system, an unconscious system which keeps your body going.  The heart also monitors your emotions though, as it most assuredly senses the changes of love’s breezes blowing over it’s bows.  The heart is the register for all your life, the functions and the feelings.

When you feel something, it passes from all your awareness within the mind through to the heart.  The most sensitive point of your being, where some have said the spirit resides within you, is also the place where love collides with thoughts, feelings, hopes, faith, dreams, and all the realities you have ever known.  The heart is truly the place where Cupid has aimed his arrows, for when we love, when we feel what we know to be love, we are the most vulnerable creatures, even more so than were we walking wounded!

Love is the most ominous of all the sensations as it crosses the magnetic field of electricity within the brain, but when it gets to the heart, it becomes a stream of current unrivaled by any force of nature!  Love would allow a grown man to hurl his own body in the path of an oncoming train to save his beloved child or spouse, love would throw itself upon a fire to save another’s flesh, and love would climb any mountain, ford any stream . . . well, you see my point.  Love transcends anything known in this world which is understandable and interpretable!  It defies our complete ability to even assess a word which pinpoints what exactly it is!  Love is . . . the immense capacity to put another person’s needs, desires, and care above your own in this world!  Love is magical, love is infinite and love is beyond our human understanding.  Love is from God in my opinion, therefore, it’s definition lies in the great unknowns which encompass other Divine features of life, unseen but surely proven!