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So Many Choices

The best part of life is having choices whereby we can make the most of our dreams.    The worst part of life is having so many choices whereby we can become lost in all the confusing options we encounter   trying to make our dreams come to fruition!  I don’t know how we get into stages of life with virtually no sense   direction, but we do sometimes.  We can honestly be so overwhelmed with our own freedom, so frightened by the sense of absolute emptiness   in our life, that the very knowledge of rebuilding from the ground up is just too much to take!  I’m at that place . . I’ve been in situations which have now come to a closing point, and at this moment, I would seem to have the entire world as my oyster!  That would be an idyllic state for most people, but it can be completely disturbing too. I’m in over my head, I haven’t direction at all times, and I seek maps and landmarks to help me make my way! It’s not always easy to see the directional indicators of life, those that seem to lead us, to guide us, to point us through the times of uncertainty.  Where are the signs?  What should I look for?  Where do I turn?  Well, in my overwhelmed state, the only place, yet the best one,  I know to turn is God.

 I heard it said that in anxious moments though, we can lose our ability to hear His voice of leadership.  I pray that this is not the case, as there is so much pressing upon my soul and spirit right now, I wish I could hear Him guiding me in everything!    My heart longs to know what lies ahead. I’m surely feeling adrift. My faith is the only thing I have in these moments right now . . faith don’t fail me now!  As I ponder what lies ahead, I consider for the first time in a long time, what is it that will make me happy?  I haven’t thought as much about my own happiness in a long time.  I’ve been putting others first and that is not advisable, as we lose our own focus and direction when we give ourselves last billing in our lives!  Make yourself important enough to be the absolute center of your life … others who want to be there will either agree or move on, but you have to remain true to yourself nonetheless!    Without knowing what you want, doing those things which bring your soul joy and soothe your spirit, you will live a lesser life. That would be a shame, and you would sadden God to do something so selfless. It’s in your own ability to find what makes your spirit soar that you allow His will to be done in your life! He has given you gifts in line with your spirit’s desires, if you do what you passionately are implored to do, you will find your heart’s contentment!

 I’m there right now . . I’m in the place of learning what will make my heart joyous!    When I discover that, I will surely let you all know.  Possibly you will have already seen it or noticed me doing something which brings me great joy, thus you can be assured I am onto something!    I’m just making my way through all the choice open to me, exploring my options and deciding what it will be that will bring me joy in this life!    Seek yours and you will never leave with regrets on the last day, wondering why you didn’t do what you were meant to do!