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Happy Any Day of Love

Happy Any Day of Love . . . today, tomorrow, the day after … the next!! Each day should be a day we freely give of our love, not just one day earmarked for it. You don’t have to proclaim it one day for it to be “heard”, nor felt by somebody’s heart on any given day! There are cards, songs, balloons, candies, gifts, all wrapped up for giving tomorrow, but the greater gift is your love given every day hereafter! It’s not just one day of the year we should choose to share our love or make someone we love aware of our feelings.

 If we are only sharing that one day a year, or just on special occasions or on holidays, we aren’t really being open with our hearts.  It’s not essential to always tell someone how you feel, it’s in letting them know, however that might be.  Some communicate their feelings by doing little things every day, others give gifts, and some just exude their heartfelt feelings through looks, glances, subtle comments made to their partners.  It’s not one way which should tell you the “rule” that you are loved, for in that narrow-minded perspective, you may miss that your partner is giving all that they can.  

Be open to the fact that just being loved is the unexpected icing upon the cake of giving your love!  Expect nothing and still give freely!  That is the real gift of love, which should be given each day, freely and without hesitation!