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Welcome . . . I’m using this first post to introduce myself, my name is Cheryl Ries, and although I’ve written blog posts for a company blog I co-founded, this is my initial entry into self-promotion!  What do you think so far?  Ah, you say it’s too soon to tell.  I can only qualify my attributes, my abilities, by explaining my desire to fulfill a lifelong passion for writing.  It’s either you who become my noble guinea pigs, or I make my beginner’s mistakes in a more serious arena such as a novel, which isn’t always guaranteed editing these days.

We’ve all slipped into a new world, one of our own making, but still unfamiliar to most of us.  We were swept away by a wave of technology before most of us even grabbed onto something sturdy like a byte, and now, we are adrift in some unknown, unchartered sea of mysterious digital reefs.  

Have you any idea how these things function, computers I mean, or are you a novice like me?  Let me assure you, I can dig a big enough hole for myself here, so if you see me forgetting to tag or categorize something for my own betterment, you might suggest how I can utilize this blog to help us all be more effective communicators.  I have no problem being wordy, verbally or on paper, even typing on this pesky computer keyboard, it’s the more subtle places, such as blogs and websites which I am now discovering.
Bear with me, and I will attempt to make this an exciting exploration into a woman’s midlife mind, a place of dark recesses, deep and cavernous thoughts, as well as the most likely place for ideas to be volleyed back and forth until they see the light of day! 

Have a wonderful new week, a great Labor Day, what is left of it anyway . . . and for those of you abroad, you always have my sincere affection and fond regards!  Ciao! Cheryl